Bulk Emergency Food Supply

Bulk Emergency Food SupplyBulk emergency food purchase is a smart move for many different reasons ranging from cost to long-term emergency readiness.

Why purchase your emergency food supply in bulk:

  • Bulk purchase can save you money.
  • Reduce stress worrying about your family because with a bulk purchase you are guaranteed to have the food on stock when an emergency occurs. 
  • Bulk purchases can be easily stored in a convenient out-of-the-way location until needed.
  • Emergency food generally has a long shelf life.

Wise Foods
If you are purchasing your emergency food supply in bulk consider purchasing from Wise Foods.  Wise Foods ready made meals have a 25 year shelf life without need for rotation. Wise Food containers are stackable 4 gallon buckets for ease of storage and easy opening and sealing. And Wise has a variety of meals ranging from macaroni and cheese to creamy chicken pasta so your family won’t bored eating the same meals every day. Finally Wise Foods has bulk purchasing ranging from a 1 month (240 servings) supply to a 12 month supply (4320 servings).

Go to Wise Foods for your Bulk Emergency Food purchase.

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