Easy Camping Food – Simple, Quick Camping, Backpacking and Hiking Food Ideas

by alby on May 18, 2011

Easy Camping and Backpacking FoodThere is a big demand for freeze dried foods with the most common uses for large group and emergency food situations. But did you know that freeze dried foods can actually be purchased in smaller more affordable quantities that are perfect for campers and hikers.

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Advantages of Freeze Dried Foods
The obvious advantages to freeze dried food purchase is the cost savings and the massively efficient storage, and Easy Camping Food Preparaton. But in many cases people need freeze dried food in smaller quantities. These situations might be perfect for smaller groups at gatherings and outdoor enthusiasts such as campers and hikers who occasionally lead small groups or who would like to stock up to eliminate the need to go shopping before an outdoor event.56 Serving Freeze Dried Breakfast Entree

But aside from the cost savings and easy storage of freeze dried foods one of the best reasons for hikers and campers to purchase freeze dried foods is the easy and speed of preparation that can usually be done directly in the pouches or in a camping stove like the JetBoil.

I suggest Wise Foods for the following reasons:

  • Meal variety and high nutritional value.
  • Good taste and easy preparation.
  • Jumbo sized meals at about 900 calories.
  • 7 year shelf life guarantees your food won’t go to waste.

Go to Weis Foods for easy camping and backpacking foods.

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